Bubbly, international, domestic red wines and our wine chiller.

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Each liquor, wine and cordials category is grouped in easy-to-find and well organized shelves.  We have some of our more popular white wines chilled. Some unique liquor items and soft drinks are also cold for those who prefer. The beer cooler is organized by traditional, imported and craft type beers and a great selection of 24-32 oz malt beverages and beers.

As you walk through the door you see the check-out counter and staff ready to help you.   You can also see our drive-thru window you can access on the north end of the building.
From domestic pinot noir to classic domestic whites...international wines on the outside wall with this view from the rear of the store.
The beer cooler is well organized and kept at near 45 degrees to assure your beers and malts are perfectly chilled. Stouts and darker styles should serve at around 55 degrees so would need to be left at room temp for a short time to assure maximum flavor elements.
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We have a great selection of blended and single malt scotch and Canadian whiskies.  We have an entire row of vodkas and rums...clear and flavored vodka...light, dark and spiced rums.  
Thank you Glenda Sue for sharing information and samples from Wyldewood Cellars elderberry wines.  Get yours today.