This week:  Friday 2/21..."Ready-made cocktails" are growing in popularity and are driving home convenience with selection.  There are malt beverages of every flavor imaginable, vodka based full recipe mixed drinks and we are starting to see a few whiskey based drinks in the market-place.  Kansas City's Boulevard Brewery has just released 2 new whiskey based drinks in the "Fling" line of ready-to-drink cocktails!  Whiskey Mule and Bourbon Smash are unique recipe's that highlight Rye Whiskey, lime and ginger (Mule) and straight whiskey, vanilla, lemon and a hint of apple (Smash).  Available as a single can or by the 4-pk, they are taking mobile cocktails to a new level.  Try them this week and see why they are becoming so popular...   

                           Tasting from 3:30-7, hope you can join us... 




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