Sadie Cunningham 1894-1984

            BVWS Established January, 2016

Cunningham Corner Center  rests on "name-sake" homestead...


     The very ground the shopping center is located on was once a family homestead for the Sadie Cunningham family.  The original family farm was located approximately where the liquor store now stands on the north end of the center.  In the early part of the 20th Century it was a regular stop for travelers making their way through northwest Arkansas.        In the tradition of family commerce, our locally owned store hopes to continue that connection.  A previous tenant in the building space occupied by BVWS was a bank and, fortunately, already included a drive-up teller window on the north end.  The convenience of the drive-thru window for the liquor store is a tremendous service extension for our customers.             A sizeable beer cooler was added to the interior of the location to accommodate 135 different beers, ales and malt beverages and kept at a very cool 45 degrees year-round.  The liquor store also has two smaller coolers for wine and various liquor items that customers sometimes prefer chilled.  The store is laid out in categories that make shopping simple and there's always staff available to help you find exactly what you need.

BVWS is proud to sponsor village cultural events and venues.  We sponsor events at the Artist Retreat Center in Bella Vista and their activities.  We have also just aligned with Bella Vista Library Foundation and their fundraising efforts.  BVWS will continue to align with village cultural events and do what we can to promote cultural awareness and success.  
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