Due to the Covid-19 outbreak the government and health organizations are urging all of us to limit social interaction.  To make our shopping experience as safe as possible for our staff and customers we are implementing Drive-Through Window service only.  If you would like to call ahead we can also offer curb-side service for your convenience! Our operating hours will now be 12-6 PM Mon-Sat. Our primary purpose is to limit contact and interaction for everyone's protection. We appreciate your business and will remain open for you and continue to offer the customer service we are known for!  

Yuengling Flight is now available and it's incredible

Yuengling has been available in Arkansas now for over a year and we always have a great selection in-stock. Affectionately known as "America's Favorite" beer from the oldest brewery in the country!  As a brand, Yuengling is our Number 1 Selling Beer!!

 It takes a village to raise a roof...​

​     Since Bella Vista's beginnings as a tourist destination (in the early 1900's) a lot has happened.  One of the latest changes is the advent of  retail liquor stores in Benton County and Bella Vista Wine & Spirits is the first in the village.  Established in 2016, BVWS offers a super selection of fine wines, traditional and craft-type beers and spirits in all categories.  The staff takes pride in offering superior customer service, product knowledge and sincere appreciation--upholding a long-standing tradition of our region's hospitality. We are located very close to three of the beautiful Bella Vista golf courses, area lakes and the new hiking and bike trails.  So, whether you are a local resident coming in to re-stock or just visiting for a short stay in the village, you have to come see why BVWS is the local destination for all wine and spirits needs.  We will continue to introduce new interactive programs like our weekend tastings and scheduled educational classes to enhance the customers' experience.  We hope you visit the store soon and see just how we are "raising the roof " and know that, as far as we are concerned..."The sky is the limit"! 


Mike Landers

General Manager




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